Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Usual Cravings

Cuban sandwich and fries from Cheesecake Factory


I went to Cheesecake Factory last week with my friends and got some lunch. I haven't been there in a really long time and forgot how big their menu is. I swear I had to cut my options down to four choices before choosing the cuban sandwich. It was so good and I was only able to eat half of it. The fries were delicious- they're my guilty pleasure. I can never resist fries. 

Dress shirt: Forever21. Bralette: Classics. Shorts: Express. Boots: Ebay (Bamboo). Blazer: Nordstrom Rack. Headband: Forever21. 

I've been trying to find good places to take pictures and thought the simplicity of my couch was perfect- plus, I get to sit down and feel comfy. Sorry, you can't really see my shorts. They're trouser shorts in an olive brown and high waisted (if you want).

As for my cravings lately, I've been craving a lot of pastries and sweets. I made my way to the pantry in our kitchen to find a box of these chocolate crepe bites. They are so light and crispy. I finished the entire thing in a sitting pretty much. I need to find out where to buy more though. We got them in a gift basket, so I don't really know where to buy them individually.


  1. mmm... you made that Cuban sandwich and fries look sooooo yummy. i love cheesecake factory though their portions are ridiculous and it takes forever to figure out what i want to order there!

    cute outfit. love shorts and boots!!!

  2. YUM! Everything looks so yummy :) Who wouldn't be having those food cravings - even the french fries look amazing!! I totally love the name of your blog - it made me LOL :D Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments :)


  3. i love how comfy you look on the couch ;)

  4. You are soo gorgeous. Love your blog. Now following. Hope you'll follow me back.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.
    Karoline Kalvo

  5. YUM! The food looks so good <3 And you look great, too! Love the high boots!

  6. Wonderful pics!!! You're so cute!

    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it. Thank you so much!

  7. hmmm!!! looks yummy. nice blog

  8. looks yuummmmy! love your blog!

  9. you made me so hungry
    and i need a big brunch now :)
    im now your follower
    follow me back please?

  10. That sandwich looks a-mazing!

    Danielle from

  11. those sandwich and fries look nyummy!
    and you look adorable!

  12. can't stop staring at those lol those crepe bites look delicious too!

  13. my dear you look so pretty!!!and these pics are really funny:)
    Could you come and follow me?i'd be sooo happy if you do it!
    i wait u!kisses

  14. Well, I crave sweets all the time! So those crepe bites are looking very good! Thank you for making me have a second breakfast:) Now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  15. cute photos !
    the cookies
    share the feeling


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