Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another World...

Dress: Forever21. Shoes: Payless.


The other day, I went to my backyard and noticed how beautiful it was. Sometimes, when you're walking through it, it looks like another world. When I was younger, I would wander back here and dig around looking for rollie-pollies. haha! I was quite an adventurous little girl. Since then, the grass has grown in and my dad's planted a few fruit trees. Among the grass are little pink and orange flowers- I'm excited for Spring to come and the weather to be nice and sunny! The downside is that my allergies will probably go crazy! haha! Time to get some claritin and nasal spray I guess!

Below are some pictures of my late night snack. For the past week, i was craving pastries and sweets like crazy! So I ended up going to Target with my sister to grab some things and bought Toaster Strudels! mmmmm....with strawberry jelly and cream cheese in the center. I love being able to decorate the top with the frosting. To make my late night snack healthier, I had an orange with it. It was quite a fulfilling snack, I must say!


  1. That dress is so adorable! I love polka dots so much!

  2. Ooh, I love your outfit - and the photos are just lovely! It really seems like Spring is here. :)

    Gotta love fruit as a midnight snack! :)


  3. It's so pretty where you are :X Jealous. Also, I love the shoes.

    Castle Fashion

    PS: I'm hosting a ModCloth Giveaway. If you're interested, check out my page :O

  4. Is that a toaster strudel?? It was like the popular thing on a few episodes back of One Tree Hill! I've been craving it ever since.

  5. delicious much? you and the food ;) you have a great blog! x

  6. Stumbled across your blog, and darling you have such fantastic style! I love the polka dots. Beyond adorable.

  7. That dress is so pretty!! I'm so in love with polkadots so far and cant never get enough of it..

  8. Toaster Strudels are the WAY TO GO. I love the apple ones... So tasty. And I love your sweet little dress; I'm yearning for spring as well!
    xo Josie

  9. Love love love your dress! And the toaster strudels are making my mouth water

  10. Great photos! I really like your dress!))))

  11. Oh so pretty! You have a lovely blog :)


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