Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Green and Denim

Blouse: Lulus | Shorts: 2020Ave | Purse: Target | Flats: Target

Monday, August 4, 2014

On Top of the World

Took some relatives that are visiting from out of town to see the Griffith Observatory and luckily, it was before it rained a little so the view was GORGEOUS! I took advantage of the scenery and got some shots in for the blog. Enjoy!

Top: Classics| Bralette: Brandy Melville| Short: Forever21| Purse: Rebecca Minkhoff| Necklaces: Necessary Clothing and Anarchy Street| Sandals: Target

Saturday, July 26, 2014

DineLA Foodie Friday!!

I haven't participated in DineLA in while so I went all out this time around and went to not one, but TWO restaurants! DineLA is an event that happens a couple times a year in LA where participating restaurants come up with a menu that includes around 3-4 courses for a very affordable price. It ranges from $25-45 per person depending on the restaurant. It's a great opportunity for you to try restaurants for a great price. I mean come on, 3-4 dishes for just up to $45! Amazing!

So below are the two places I went to this week! Enjoy!

Toluca Lake, Los Angeles

The coworkers and I decided to set a day to have some dinner right after work so that we could try out this restaurant. It's an Argentinian restaurant, which is something we don't often have so it was super exciting for us to go to. They had two DineLA menus, one was $35 and the other was $45. I chose the $35 and decided on the grilled shrimp salad, chicken, and creme brulee for my meal. We also added on some appetizers from their regular menu to share so that we could try it. I didn't take pictures of those because everyone started digging in before I could catch a picture! 
This place was delicious! We loved their complimentary bread with a chimichurri sauce. Everything was great!




Black Hogg
Silverlake, Los Angeles

The boyfriend and I decided on a last minute dinner at Black Hogg, one of our favorite restaurants ever! It was too late for us to get a reservation, because they get booked really quickly, so we decided to just try to get to the restaurant right when they opened so that we could get bar seats. We got there just in time and there were only 2 seats left at the bar! So lucky, right?!! 

Their menu gives you two appetizers, an entree, and a dessert. FOUR DISHES! 
This is probably one of the best, if not the best meal, I've ever had. I'm not the best food judge, because I like almost everything, but I LOVED this meal. 

Below is a breakdown of what we got!

Chili limon fries with bone marrow remoulade
 This was super yummy and if you like chili limon, this is for you. I love fries so I knew I had to have this. The sauce was also delicious. The bone marrow in it was very subtle but you could tell it was in there!

This dish is their take on the traditional elote, which is corn on the cob with mayo, cheese, and spices. What they did was put grilled corn into a bowl with mushrooms, cilantro, red onions, and some cheese. You just squirt some lime on it and it is to die for! I know on their regular menu, they have this dish and you mix bone marrow into it, which creates a richer, more complex dish. SOOOO GOOD!!

Popcorn Bacon
Need I say more? We had this the first time we came and it's one of our favorites. They are small chunks of fatty pork belly, battered, and fried to perfection. There's a sweet creamy sauce that you also dip it in and it is just so amazing.

Brussel sprout hash
These are one of the best brussel sprouts I've ever had. They cook it in a bunch of spices that gives you a little heat and sweetness with a poached egg on top. So you break the yolk and just eat everything together.
Roasted mushroom brioche box
I got this as my entree because I wanted to try this last time but didn't get a chance to. They used hen of the woods mushrooms and stack on a thick brioche toast and place all of that on a delicious gravy. It is so rich and decadent that I absolutely loved! 

Bone marrow burger
The boyfriend had to get the bone marrow burger because they have a limited supply each night, so you know it must be good! They give you a bone marrow on the side with some pickled veggies. So what you do is scrape the bone marrow out and spread it under the bun of your burger. It hads some richness and juiciness to your burger that can't be explained. The burger was a little more charred than I would like but it was delicious nonetheless!

Five Leches bread pudding
The boyfriend got the bread pudding which was one of the best pudding I have ever had. It was warm, flavorful, moist, and had a scoop of ice cream on it. 

Chai spiced churros
I got the churros because I'm a sucker for anything chai. These were the best churros I have ever had. They were light, crispy, and super chewy inside. You get the taste of chai but it wasn't overpowering at all. I can eat these all the time!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Work Out Time!

I've been trying to live a more active and healthy lifestyle because it makes me feel good and I have a lot more energy when I work out consistently. I love being in my workout clothes because they are super comfy but I try not to wear it anywhere other than when I'm working out. Don't want to get into the habit of wearing my gym clothes everywhere! Might not smell all too pretty.. :)

Below are my activewear essentials! I love wearing a loose tank and a printed sports bra for a pop of fun. I don't want to feel constricted when I'm working out so these are perfect for me. I love wearing workout capris as well because long pants get too warm for me and shorts don't give me enough coverage. Don't want my bottom sticking out when I'm doing squats!!!

AND I love my Nike Free Runs! They are super light and comfortable, making it easy for me to move around. The shoes below are not the ones I have but I kind of want a different pair similar to these! 

Hope this inspires you to work out too! 

Workout Outfit

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Late Foodie Friday

Chinatown, Los Angeles

Went to Chego for the first time recently and it was pretty darn yummy! They have different types of rice bowls that come with various veggies and meats. It's a Korean fusion joint so meats include pork belly, which is what I got. The pork was super delicious and I love that they include all types of veggies, such as green beans, basil, radishes, etc. 

It's a must-try!! Especially their ooey gooey fries!!

EMC Seafood
Koreatown, Los Angeles

The boyfriend were in a seafood fix the other week and went to EMC Seafood. We missed their happy hour but decided to just stay and eat anyways. They have all types of dishes that include an uni pasta, lobster roll, raw dishes, meats, and so on. It was really good and definitely satisfied our craving!

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