Sunday, July 20, 2014

Work Out Time!

I've been trying to live a more active and healthy lifestyle because it makes me feel good and I have a lot more energy when I work out consistently. I love being in my workout clothes because they are super comfy but I try not to wear it anywhere other than when I'm working out. Don't want to get into the habit of wearing my gym clothes everywhere! Might not smell all too pretty.. :)

Below are my activewear essentials! I love wearing a loose tank and a printed sports bra for a pop of fun. I don't want to feel constricted when I'm working out so these are perfect for me. I love wearing workout capris as well because long pants get too warm for me and shorts don't give me enough coverage. Don't want my bottom sticking out when I'm doing squats!!!

AND I love my Nike Free Runs! They are super light and comfortable, making it easy for me to move around. The shoes below are not the ones I have but I kind of want a different pair similar to these! 

Hope this inspires you to work out too! 

Workout Outfit

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Late Foodie Friday

Chinatown, Los Angeles

Went to Chego for the first time recently and it was pretty darn yummy! They have different types of rice bowls that come with various veggies and meats. It's a Korean fusion joint so meats include pork belly, which is what I got. The pork was super delicious and I love that they include all types of veggies, such as green beans, basil, radishes, etc. 

It's a must-try!! Especially their ooey gooey fries!!

EMC Seafood
Koreatown, Los Angeles

The boyfriend were in a seafood fix the other week and went to EMC Seafood. We missed their happy hour but decided to just stay and eat anyways. They have all types of dishes that include an uni pasta, lobster roll, raw dishes, meats, and so on. It was really good and definitely satisfied our craving!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Stroll in the Park

I had a typical Saturday afternoon that consisted of a little brunch and some chai tea. There was a little park/sitting area right next to the place we ate at, so we decided to stop and sit around for a bit. And it didn't hurt to take a couple of blog pictures either!

I wanted a day to just take things easy and relax. A bit of sunshine and tea was just what I needed!

Blouse: Tobi| Jeans and Sandals: Target| Purse: Rebecca Minkhoff|

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cobalt Blue

Went wine tasting yesterday in Temecula (even though I don't really drink) and it was so beautiful and open out there. It's nice getting out of the city for just a little and enjoy being outside and try to something new. I tasted a few wines (more like a sip from my friends' tastings) so the experience wasn't wasted on me. I enjoyed the scenery and how relaxed everything was out there. 

Anyways, here is my outfit post from the day. I knew it was going to be really hot out there so I made sure to dress appropriately. I threw on breezy cool pieces with soft textures to keep my comfy throughout the day. 

Tank: Tobi| Shorts: Forever21| Sandals: Dolce Vita| Purse: Rebecca Minkhoff| 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

White Tank and Distressed Jeans

Had a pretty relaxing weekend and the weather was quite warm as well so it called for tanks and sandals! I had BBQ at Max City BBQ in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles to meet up with a friend from college that's moving back into town! 
Anyways, I recently bought some new tanks, bralettes, and tees from Brandy Melville since I know I'm going to desperately need more for the Summer! I decided to wear them this weekend and I have to tell you how much I love the quality and feel of these tops! They are super soft and so breezy, which is exactly what I want all my clothes to feel! 

Top and Bralette: Brandy Melville| Jeans: Target| Purse:| Sandals: Dolce Vita| Necklace and bracelet: Anarchy Street

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