Friday, February 6, 2015

Foodie Friday

Los Angeles

I have been dying to eat here and having to push my reservations back for nearly 6 months, I was not going to wait any longer! I definitely recommend making reservations though because they are always completely booked! 

It is in a very industrial area where you wouldn't think there'd be anything like this but they offer valet parking if you don't want to park on the street.

We had a party of 4 on a Saturday evening and took their suggestion on getting a bunch of plates to share. We ended up ordering 10 plates, which was perfect for a party of 4. The waitress did warn us that it might be too much food, but we have hearty appetites so it wasn't a problem. 

My favorite dishes were:

-Grilled octopus and calamari salad: This was one of our favorites. Charred perfectly and mixed with various mushrooms. YUM!

-Veal tartare crostini: This was super good! It had this creamy sauce on the perfectly made tartare that was something else. My friend described it as a decadent tuna salad sandwich! 

- Roasted bone marrow on spinach gnocchetti: This is probably my favorite dish of the night. I really like bone marrow and have had many different versions of this but the way Bestia makes it is to die for! They give you two bone marrows and put it on top of some spinach gnocchi. You scrape out the bone marrow and mix it into the pasta. Can't describe it, so you just have to try it!

- Cavatelli with black truffle: This was also one of my favorite dishes of the night. There was so much flavor and the texture of the cavatelli was amazing! The sausages they had in there were perfectly cooked. 

They make sure to bring your dishes out accordingly to make your meal a wonderful experience. I would definitely want to come back here again once I'm able to get another reservation!


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  2. Yum! Looks like you had a delightful time gobbling up those dishes. Hahaha! The veal tartare crostini definitely looks good. I'm sure each and every ingredient splashed the whole dish with lots of fine flavors. You definitely have a knack for finding great restaurants. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Nicholas Stanley @ Nahm Thai Bistro


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