Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blue Stripes, Tights, and Boots

Good afternoon everyone! I worked about 10 hours yesterday and it felt so nice to sleep in today, but I do have work later tonight, unfortunately. It's okay, I had time to create an outfit post for you guys! I rarely wear tights and I thought I should whip them out for a cute casual look! I paired them with some black high-waisted shorts and a comfy striped top. 

I'm so excited because I'll be going to San Francisco this weekend for a friend's bridal shower! Definitely look out for some pictures! Maybe I'll whip out my tights again for the weekend, since it gets pretty cold up there! 

Top- Forever21 (Similar HERE)
Shorts- Charlotte Russe (Similar HERE)
Tights- Target (Similar HERE)
Boots- Payless (Similar HERE)
Necklace- Forever21
Bracelet- Express


  1. Very cute outfit, I love the necklace!
    RoRos World

  2. This is such a cute look. It looks really perfect on you too. I'm especially loving the necklace on the overall ensemble.

  3. such a gorgeous outfit!
    love your style, kisses

  4. Super cute outfit. I love the shorts layered over your tights. xx

  5. *special, wonderful friend's bridal shower.

    1. hahaha! YES, *amazing friend's bridal shower! :D


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