Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Layers and layers

It was a little cold the other day and I wanted to throw on some layers to work and keep myself warm. I love this olive green jacket around this time because it's not overly warm, but it's not too light where I'm freezing. The material is almost suede-like and the front cascades down. The back, I thought, was really cute because it ties in the back and the sleeves cuff if you don't want it to be long-sleeved. Underneath my jacket is a light blue button-up flannel. AND underneath that is my purple v-neck shirt. I usually like to layer by having the smallest layer at the bottom and building up. It creates a cleaner and more put-together outfit. Of course, I added my suede boots to the outfit for a comfortable everyday look.

Purple v-neck-Forever21. Flannel-Forever21. Jacket-Forever21. Jeans-Macys. Boots-Ebay.


  1. I love the khaki jacket! the colour is gorgeous and I love the cascading effect down the front <3


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