Saturday, February 4, 2012

Haven Gastropub

I've been trying out new places to eat recently and thought that I'll start posting my thoughts on these places and food suggestions. Hope you guys enjoy the first one!


I saw this place when I went shopping in Pasadena a couple months ago and it is right across from a busy parking lot. The parking lot is a lifesaver because parking in Pasadena is HORRENDOUS (at times). This lot offers the first 90 minutes free, which is usually more than enough time for me. ANYWAYS, I saw Haven right across from it and it looked really promising. I yelped it right away as I was walking and it just opened recently so there were only about 5 reviews but with 4 1/2 stars. This intrigued me so I checked out their menu and found that they specialized in beer, of course, and had modern takes on comfort foods as well as specialty meats. What I mean by that is that it sort of gave me the impression of eating like Vikings did, with pheasants, suckling pig, pork, and really heavy foods. Not like it's a bad thing at all.

My boyfriend and I ordered the pork rilletes, Shepard's pie, and braised beef poutine. For some reason I thought the pork rilletes were going to be pork rinds (LOVE THEM), but it came out to be a platter that came with mustard seeds, artisan bread, and a jar of fresh pork pate. However, it was delicious. I loved the combination of the pate and mustard seeds on the warm artisan bread. The Shepard's pie and poutine were amazing too! They were heavy, of course, but every bite was absolutely heavenly.

I don't drink, so I can't give you my opinion on the beers they had, but my boyfriend tried a sampler of four different kinds (of his choice), and he found a couple he really liked. I suppose if you like draft dark beers, you'd probably like these.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures and I definitely recommend this place if you like gastropubs and meaty meals!

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