Monday, January 30, 2012

Screen Actors Guild 2012 Top 3

3. Stacy Keibler

I chose Stacy Keibler as one of my favorites because she looked absolutely elegant. I'm an absolutely sucker for lace and off the shoulder dresses. It looked perfect on her and it really shows off her amazing figure! 

2. Viola Davis

Viola looks amazing in her dress! I love the design on the bodice and the simplicity of it. Her accessories work really well with her dress. Love that bracelet, by the way! 

1. Lea Michele 

Lea Michele is my absolute favorite! I love the color and the way it drapes. The high slit also looks amazing on her! Her bracelets and clutch are also gorgeous!!! I am not too sure about the shoes but I'm just so in love with her dress that it doesn't really matter. 

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  1. lea michele has my favorite dress of the night!! that high slit was amazing, and the color was great.


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