Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

Night Out on the Town
Outfit: Dress-Foreign Exchange. Shoes: Payless. Ring: Forever21. 

If you want a look for a night out on the town to a club or New Years Eve party, a little black dress can never go wrong. I chose this one because it has a sleek metallic hint to it and the studs add a little fun to the dress. I wore strappy heels that have reptile details on it and they also add a bit of sparkle. 

Something Sparkly
Outfit: Shirt- Forever21. Skirt: Gifted. Necklace: Forever21. Shoes: Target. 

Sequins are definitely a must have during New Years Eve. If you don't want to wear a cocktail dress or be too dressed up, just find a nice sequin skirt and a comfortable top to wear. I paired this skirt that I got as a Christmas present with a comfortable off shoulder blouse. To dress it up a little more, I added my spiky necklace and red lips. Have fun with it and definitely be comfortable.

Family Party
Outfit: Dress: Gifted (from GoJane). Jacket: H&M. Belt: Target. Ring: Forever21. Shoes: Reflections Shoes Store

If you want a classier look or spending time with family for New Years, opt for a more sophisticated look. I wore this tiered blush dress that I got for Christmas with a coat that has pink sleeves. The dress doesn't give me much shape, so I added a dark plum skinny belt to give myself a waist. The back detail of the dress is so pretty and feminine, but also gives a little peek of your back.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Have a fun and safe New Years everyone!


  1. I love every one of these looks! I think my favorite is the 2nd... no, the 1st... no wait, the 3rd. Never mind. All of them.

  2. The second look is the best of them all. :)
    You really can rock it :)

    Checkout my comeback as a blogger :)

    xx Brigita

  3. your figure is just splendid <3 the sequinned skirt is gorgeous in the second outfit pic. thanks for the helpful post, hope you enjoy your new years :)

  4. I love them all!! I think the 1st one is my favorite tho! =)

  5. The sequin mini is so gorgeous!

  6. Love that sequined skirt!! Hope you had a nice holiday!


  7. I'm really lovin' the sparkly skirt - Happy New Year!

  8. I love your NYE ideas!! I love the sequins skirt outfit the most!

  9. I love the "something sparkly" idea! So cute but laid-back.


  10. I like the way you show your inspirations!


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