Monday, January 17, 2011

Sailing away!!

I went on my first cruise last week from Monday to Friday. It was AMAZING. I had so much fun and ate my weight in food (you would to). Our cruise ship was called the Carnival Paradise paradise it was!!! The ship was so pretty, but then again, it was my first cruise. Don't really have high expectations and I'm easily pleased.

Above are a few pictures of sights we saw while visiting the ports. The ports we went to were Catalina Island and Ensenada (both were great because we had wonderfully sunny weather!). Catalina was so quaint and nice, while Ensenada was pretty crowded and crazy with people jumping in front of you with bracelets pushing you to buy them.

I'd have to say that the cruise was so relaxing- so much that I didn't wanna go home. I was ready to go off for another week and hold onto my room for as long as possible. How can you resist all you can eat food and house cleaning everyday?!! I get up, go eat delicious food, come back to find my bed made for me, and have planned activities to partake in everyday.

The activities that they had for us were bingo games, triviathons, musicals, comedians, and dances. Each and every hour, we had something planned. I swear, we were never really in our room. AND I was never really hungry, but just kept eating. There was food everywhere!!!! I couldn't resist. Before the trip, I had already planned on gaining 10 pounds after this trip. When I weighed myself when I got home, I only gained 3-4 pounds. I WIN!!

I am ready to plan another vacation now, even though I just got back from this one. I'll just spend my time saving up and figuring out where to go next. The thing is, I had to quit my job recently because my boss had to move his office to Irvine. There is no way I could commute from here to the office everyday. So now, I must look for another job- yet another job search. I really hate looking for jobs.

While I search, I have these pictures to motivate me. No money equals NO VACATION/TRIPS.

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