Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Reality

Jacket: Forever21
Shirt: Gifted
Tights: Forever21 
Boots: Forever21
Necklace: Urban outfitters

So today is the last day I'll be on my holiday vacation- sad, I know. My pictures above have my Christmas tree in the background and it's kind of my way of saying bye to it for another year.
Anyways, I got dressed up to go out with my sister and her boyfriend for lunch, but he wasn't feeling well, so I decided to go to Target. I needed to get some things anyways, so why not? I ended up getting quite a few things- I bought myself a small purse with a long strap so that I could wear it crossed over my chest- it is faux leather and brown with several small pockets. I needed something casual to just carry around for errands and stuff. Plus, it was pretty cute. Everything else I bought was pretty much food for work, envelopes to ship off books I sell, and shaving stuff.

Once I got home, I bought myself some Tommys to eat. I was craving something really unhealthy and with cheese! Yummmm....but the highlight of my day was watching that new movie on Lifetime, "The Craigslist Killer". It was on TV so I thought, why not? It was pretty weird and I didn't really understand why he killed those people, but the movie really made me feel sorry for him when he was the one killing or robbing people.

Now, I have to get ready to go to bed so that I can go to work tomorrow. I really don't feel like it, but I need the money! I'll just keep telling myself that after this week, my cruise will be here!! Yes!! Exactly one week from now I will set sail on the Carnival Paradise, where I will gain 10 pounds!

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