Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Fun!

We had a Christmas get-together at my best friend's (Ashley) house. She holds it every year with the goals of stuffing our faces and exchanging Christmas gifts. I tried to be festive and Christmas-y, thus my burgundy top. I bought it on sale at "The Limited" for about $15 when it was originally like $50. Win win for meeee!! It's a bit big on me (a lot of things are), so I cinched it at the waist with my thin black belt. I wanted to be a bit more dressy, so I wore black pants and heels with it. I was good to go and celebrate with my friends!

Anyways, the get-together went well! We ate lots of food, like ribs, chow mein, baked mashed potatoes, fried rice, cupcakes, and chicken! After stuffing myself and having to loosen my waist belt another notch (just kidding), we watched Nightmare before Christmas! Even though we didn't really pay attention to it, because some of the guys were drinking, it was alright! I went home full and happy that night.

For New Years, it took us forever to figure out what to do. We ended up going to our friend's (Alex) apartment for a party so that everyone could be together to count down. It was very casual and everyone brought either something to eat or drink- a sort-of potluck. It was so cold that night, so there was no way I was going to wear a dress. I ended up wearing a ruffled black top and turquoise blazer both from H&M. I added a belt over my jacket just in case the party was dressier than I thought (it wasn't, by the way, but I was completely comfortable still). The best part was my necklace that one of my best friends, Carol, gave to me. It is a thin gold chain with a tiny clock that actually works! I absolutely love it! 

Being comfortable with my outfits choice for the night, I spent time with close friends watching the New York countdown, eating snacks, and watching people drink (which amuses me so it adds to my entertainment for the night). When we saw that it was about two minutes to midnight, everyone had a drink in hand and watched the clock on the TV. Once it hit 10 seconds, all of us counted down together really loud- the usual. All in all, it was a great New Years and I actually got to spend it with my complete Ohana! 

Well, it just so happens that New Years is also my and George's anniversary. 7 years!!! He had to work on New Years Eve, so we decided to celebrate it a little late. Our plan was to go to Castaway for their Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet. We had to get there by 9:30am in order for it to be cheaper. There was soooo much food that I didn't know how I was going to resist just trying each and every item available. But I made myself eat the things I most absolutely wanted- very hard, keep that in mind. I usually don't eat that early, but when I see the food, I get hungry. They gave us endless champagne, so George ordered two mimosas- one for each of us. I really do not like alcohol, but George has been trying to find me something I'd actually like, so he thought this could be it. Well, he was kinda wrong. haha! The mimosa was just champagne and orange juice, but I would have much rather drink plain ol' orange juice. They kept refilling the little bit that I drank and it made me frustrated because I didn't want anymore! Weird that I was complaining about good service...haha! 

The best part, however, was the chocolate fountain. They had rice krispies, marshmallows, strawberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew for us to dip into the fountain. I had to come back for seconds to fulfill my dessert cravings. It was delicious. 

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