Sunday, January 23, 2011

Britney Spears' DREAM WITHIN A DREAM Tour

I had the strange urge to watch Britney's Las Vegas concert yesterday so I searched for the DVD somewhere in my house and got a hold of it. This tour was around the time when her "Slave for you" album came out and I remember really liking the concert. I was crazy about that album and pretty much liked all the songs on it. They were catchy, alright? I thought she was in the best shape ever at that time and it was before she went CRAZY!

When I worked for the stylist, Joey Tierney, I remember seeing the concert DVD in her office. She told me that she was part of the wardrobe and costume department for the tour and had to travel with Britney. I can't believe she got to do that! But she also said that it was so hectic and stressful because she also had to dress the dancers. Imagine having to change a bunch of people in a matter of minutes and making sure everyone looks good on stage!

But the costumes were so nice. It really accentuated Britney's figure and I was reminded of why I liked her concert so much back in the day. haha! Although she was given a lot of grief for her lack of clothing, you have to admit, she looked good.

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  1. gotta love brittany! her costumes are amazing!


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