Thursday, December 16, 2010


Whenever I'm at work, I'm reading Yelp reviews and looking up new places to eat. Yum Yum...
Well! The other day, I realized that I was really really craving the delicious spinach pizza at Bossa Nova. The last time I had it was before the Summer, which was already several months ago. We ordered a small portion of it. I remember the creaminess and deliciously melted cheese with the perfectly cooked spinach incorporated into it. The slices were thin but because of the white cheeses, it was very filling. I bet it's like 5000 calories, but so worth it. Besides, when did I ever care about calories?
For your viewing pleasure

Bossa Nova is a fusion of Italian and Brazilian cuisine. So expect pizzas, pastas, and salads. They also have some cajun dishes here and there. Let's just say a fusion of various cuisines. haha! Certain dishes are really really good, while the rest are okay. The thing is, they offer HUMONGOUS portions. I can barely finish the food there and I eat a lot- I tend to not leave any food behind and make sure I finish it, because I usually don't eat it the next day. Anyways, the prices are affordable and GREAT for the amount of food you get. So why not?

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