Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas at Disneyland!

I went to Disneyland the other day before my annual pass gets blacked out. Unfortunately, it rained ALL DAY when we were there. So I prepared by myself by dressing as warm as I possibly could. I wore a long sleeve v-neck sweater with black tights. I threw on a black striped hoodie over the sweater and then my tweed blazer over the hoodie. To keep my footsies warm, I wore thick stockings that went a little above my knee and threw waterproof boots over that- added a scarf and I was bundled up for the cold and wet day ahead of me.

I packed an umbrella with me (thank god!) and spent the entire day shielding myself from the rain. I still can't believe people still brought babies and tiny children to Disneyland on a rainy day. It was freezing!!!

Anyways, it wasn't as crowded because of the rain but it wasn't completely empty either. There were still lines and we didn't go on the things that had a long wait time and the line was outside. If the lines were inside, it was more appealing to me. haha!

The one thing I really really wanted to do was eat at Cafe Orleans. We wanted to try their Monte Cristo sandwich, which is a turkey, ham and cheese sandwich dipped in batter and deep fried. It's served with jam and fruits. However, when we got there, the wait for 2 people was around half and hour. Thank goodness, people were impatient and didn't show up for a table when they were called so we got our table faster.

We ordered their garlic and Parmesan fries and it came with a delicious sauce and french onion soup for our appetizers. The fries were warm and crispy and absolutely delicious. I have a thing for fries, so I might just be a tiny bit biased.

French Onion soup
Garlic parmesan fries

For our main course....the MONTE CRISTO SANDWICH. It was so good and perfect. They gave us four triangular pieces with two containers of jam and strawberries and grapes. We split it of course and each of us had two pieces of the sandwich. I would have been satisfied with one piece because it was so so rich and filling. But I couldn't stop eating. We finished everything and I was pretty full for the rest of the day. Enjoy the picture:

For the rest of the day, we took it  easy and just bought stuff and went on the rides that we really wanted to go on. I just really wanted to see the huge Christmas tree and the castle light up, which I did- so my day was complete. yay!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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