Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Please Oh Please!

So I'm at work right now, obviously not doing actual work. I just heard from my co-worker that my boss is considering having today be the last day of work for this week. So I am praying and praying to whoever is listening to me that this is true! I am so not in the mood to trek to work in the rain when people in LA cannot drive under such conditions- I'm not including myself, however, because I think I'm a perfectly good driver. haha!

Anyways, please oh please, let me have the rest of the week off. I want to spend my days wrapping presents and make them look pretty and not rushed for once. I started wrapping some of them last night and it was quite relaxing actually. I was pretty proud of myself because I thought it's the best wrapping I've ever seen in my life! Just let me give myself that much credit. I wrapped the presents very neatly and tight- no tears in the paper. I added green curly ribbons and topped it all with a big bow!! Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

I've been trying to figure out what to get my mom this year, because she's so picky sometimes. I buy her all of these nice clothes and then she never wears them. Last year, I bought her puzzle books, because she spends her free time playing games, doing sudoku, and watching tv. She likes little puzzle books and hidden pictures stuff so I got her several books for her to have fun with. Like these:

 I couldn't get her anymore this year, because she recently bought new editions of them, so yeah...I ended up just getting her a nice blouse from the Limited- I hope she likes it. And a belt that she could wear around her waist with some of the shirts that she has.

She is the hardest to shop for, so I'm glad I'm done and now, all that's left is to wrap. Yay!!

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