Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Black Swan and Tangled

So the two most recent movies I watched were "Black Swan" and "Tangled"- I know...completely different types of movies. But they were both soooo good!!

I watched Black Swan like two Fridays ago and it was only shown at a few theatres in the city, so we had quite a drive to get to the movie. It was pretty worth it though, I must say. The theatre was really crowded- makes sense with the limited showings and everything. But anyways, I didn't have much of an idea of what this movie would be like. I thought two ballerinas fighting over a role BUT it was much more than that. Natalie Portman, the main character, was going crazy or something! She kept seeing things and bleeding all over the place and then not- the movie kind of made me uneasy because of the bipolar-like symptoms she had. Then she started thinking Mila Kunis' character was going after her role and then not and then she wanted to do the nasties with her. All in all, it was great! haha! I know, I didn't make it sound like I liked it but I did. It made you feel uneasy and it was disturbing (EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO). The camera angles and tricks were great and the acting was fantastic! It played with a lot of different things, creating this eerie and intense atmosphere. Check out the trailer below!

As for Tangled, which is the newest Disney princess movie, I thought it was absolutely positively wonderful! It makes you laugh, cry, smile, and just really enjoy everything all in one movie. The princess, Rapunzel, was so likable and brave. Mandy Moore was her speaking and singing voice, which I thought was a great choice, because Mandy's is so soft and princess-like. Anyways, her love interest Flynn Rider was really funny and it's rare to have the "prince" or "love interest" be the comedic relief. But I guess everyone was pretty comedic in their own ways. The movie plays with the old fairy tale we grew up reading about- a girl stuck in a tower by an evil witch and can never come down, but a prince or man discovers her and they fall in love. But Tangled incorporates other things into it to create a lovable set of characters and a great adventure. I think many young girls are going to look up to Rapunzel and it will be a Disney classic from here on out. Here's the trailer for Tangled!

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