Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saddest week ever!!

So I recently got really sick this past week, making me incapable of eating normal foods as it is. But on Friday (just a couple days ago), I had a dentist appointment because I found out that my fever and illness was due to an infected wisdom tooth. While at the dentist, I thought it was going to be a regular check-up and the dentist would prescribe me medication to make the infection go away, BUT she offered to extract two of them on the day of. WHICH IS REALLY NICE, considering her full schedule.

My poor teeth
Anyways, she gave me some time to think about it and sent her receptionist in to discuss payment options for me and what my insurance offers. I just decided to do it because I figured it would give me more time to heal before Thanksgiving which is about a week and half. Having them pulled out was not painful for me at all. It is only a bit sore and my throat hurts a bit, but I am sooooo hungry. The highlight of my day revolves around eating, but all I can eat these days are soft foods, such as plain soup, yogurt, pudding, applesauce, and mashed potatoes. It's quite sad and I just wish I could get a burger or something.

I'll probably schedule another appointment with the dentist on Friday to see the progress I've made with my healing. Hopefully I could eat whatever I want by Thanksgiving or maybe even by the end of the week!! Yippee!!! Maybe....

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