Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's Christmas time and I looooove it! I put up the Christmas tree last week and was so excited. I like hearing the music coming from my musical lights every night when the timer turns it on. But we can't put up lights outside on the house just yet, because my dad is having the stucco redone. It'll take about a week to finish, so we'll put up lights on the trees and gate instead of the house for now. Either way, my dad usually does a great job with the lights, so it'll be fine.
Pretty lights....

I've also been trying to figure out what to buy people. I made a whole list and possible gifts for each person, but I'm having a bit of trouble this year. I've run out of ideas!!!!! But it's a work in progress. I've bought a few things here and there. Just gotta finish up the rest of my list and I can move onto wrapping the gifts!!

However, the problem is trying not to buy myself stuff while I'm Christmas shopping. Gotta resist the temptations to buy stuff that's NOT for other people!! Even though I feel like I'm losing money shopping for people, I still love this time of year. The chilly weather is pretty nice compared to the really hot summer weather (plus the opportunity to wear my winter clothes!), the pretty lit up houses, and the Christmas music on the radio. It puts me on a good mood when I'm driving home from work and stuck in horrible traffic.

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