Monday, November 8, 2010

I want to TRAVEL!

I am so desperate to just go somewhere right now. I see all of these pictures of places that my friends have been going to and I wish I had the time and money to just go. Luckily, I've saved enough money to go on a CRUISE! And I am soooo excited. It's a four day cruise on the Carnival ship going to Catalina and Ensenada, Mexico. My friends told me it was a great starter cruise for first-timers.

I have been reading reviews on everything possible for this and there are good and bad things. I don't care though! I've been working and working- saving and saving, AND now I have enough money to go somewhere. It is booked for January and I can't wait!

I am expecting to gain some weight after this because the food is ALL YOU CAN EAT! I was debating about the dining preferences they offered for the ship. When you book a cruise, they ask you when you would like to eat. They have to try to accommodate 2000 people and cannot have everyone coming to the dining areas wanting dinner at the same time. SO they want you to choose a time that you would like to eat at. They offered: Early dining, Late dining, and Your Time dining. Early dining are for those that want to eat around 6pm- the usual dinner time for most families. Late dining is around 8:15ish and they want you to expect to finish dinner around 10pm. Your time dining is 5:45pm to 9:45pm, which means you could choose to go between this time. I ended up choosing late dining because apparently, it is less busy because it is after the dinner rush, so hopefully it works out.

So that is all I know about it for now. I'll probably talk more about it as the date gets closer and post about the trip itself! yay!

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