Monday, November 8, 2010

Start of something new

Recently graduating from college and finishing my undergraduate career, I have become a working woman. In doing that, I found myself needing a hobby and this blog somehow came to be.

I work in a law office and spend most of the day on the phone and on the computer. Reading articles, blogs, and browsing on Facebook for hours and hours are the highlights of my days. Now, instead of reading these things, I will also take part in writing some. Yay Yay!

To give you a sense of where I'm going with this, I intend on writing about a lot of things I'm interested in- food, art, fashion, music, and current events. AND FOOD. If you haven't noticed from the title of my blog- Petite and Hungry- I'm a small petite girl with a big appetite for foods of all sorts. I'll most likely bring up what I'm craving while sitting around at work, waiting to go home.

Food is not the only thing I'm interested in- I am quite interested in fashion as well. But I'm more of a thrifty girl rather than the high fashion type. My internship has opened my eyes to a lot of fashion-y stuff and how things work in that industry. But I can't afford any of those things and much prefer to window shop or find deals.

Other than that, I just want something to just vent in or write things that just pop into my mind. AND to keep me from boredom at work.

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