Friday, October 31, 2014

Foodie Friday

800 Degrees Pizza
Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

I've heard great things about the Westwood location when it first opened up there, but I never had a chance to try it since I'm never in that area. So when I heard that they were opening a new location in Pasadena, I knew I had to jump on that chance to finally get a taste of their pizza!

It's basically a pizzeria that lets you customize your pizza. They specialize in Neapolitan pizza, which tends to be thin and not super crispy, but apparently you can ask them to cook it a little longer or 'well done' for a crispy crust. I saw people eat it with forks and knives. 

The boyfriend and I chose a couple of their specialty pizzas since I had no idea where to start with making my own pizza. I'll leave that for the next time I go! Our pizzas were very flavorful and they use burrata mozarella cheese which is my favorite! Their topping selection is enormous and of such great quality so you're bound to make a delicious pizza even with the most obscure topping combinations! 

After our pizza meal, we went over to Intelligentsia for a late night cup of coffee. Yummm....


  1. I can't make pizza's, i'll make you come over here!! héhé

    1. Hi Elise!! My pizza making skills are just going to the store to get premade dough and then throwing a bunch of toppings on it! :)


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