Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Embroidered in Black and White

I was recently contacted by Eshakti to write a post about their clothing and website. The way it works is that they offer a large variety of dresses that you can customize and fit you correctly. Being that I'm petite, this was very exciting for me! I often find it really hard to find clothing that fits me perfectly especially in length. 

They gave me a direct link to items that I can choose through their blogger program so that I can receive an item to post about. I did have some limitations as most of the dresses were not available, possibly because they have already sold out. 

I then decided on this black shift dress with white embroidery on it with two pockets in the front. It has short sleeves and is at a great length since I gave them my measurements and height. 

The material is adequate and washed well. I didn't see any shrinkage or damage from washing in a machine on delicate settings and cold water, but I'm usually very careful with washing any of my things. It is actually really comfortable and casual, which was what I wanted and I recommend this site for anyone that wants to make sure they get dresses that fit their body perfectly. Make sure you know your measurements and be as detailed as possible so that the dresses fit you as best as possible. They make your dress according to the measurements and information you put on the order form. 

Visit them at their website, www.eshakti.com, And get started!! :)

Thank you Eshakti for this great opportunity to try out your website and your clothing! And thank you for the lovely dress! 

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