Friday, June 27, 2014

Foodie Friday

Silverlake Ramen
Silverlake, Los Angeles

My coworkers and I wanted to grab dinner after work one night and decided to try out Silverlake Ramen, which we've heard such great things about! I absolutely love ramen and can pretty much eat it everyday so I was more than happy to try this one out. I got the spicy tonkotsu ramen with pork and it was absolutely PERFECT. The thing that was different about it was that the pork was crispy. Normally, the strips of pork belly in ramen are tender and soft, but this was different in the best way possible! I LOVE the crispy pork in ramen so much now! 
We also tried their pork buns which was super yummy too! But that ramen.....soooo good!

Downtown Los Angeles

This is my second time here and it's probably not going to be my last. The first time I went, I only took a couple bites of what my boyfriend got but knew I had to come back for more. So this time, I ordered the Cachetada, which is almost like a tostada with your choice of meat and it comes with an aioli on it too. I saw pictures of people getting it with an overeasy egg on it and knew I had to as well! Great choice!

We also got the Vampiro quesadilla, which has a garlic sauce in it for all of you garlic lovers like me! Super delicious! Everything here is really good and I definitely recommend a visit here if you haven't tried it yet!

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