Saturday, February 16, 2013

Heading Out to Have a Great Time!

By Kaki Read – Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker

When you are someone who loves the idea of looking your best, it can be irritating when you get to your closet and are faced with a jumble of clothes. The thing to remember is that clothes are modular. On their own, they cannot do much, but when you put them together in a clever way, you can make sure that they are more than the sum of their parts! The trick is to make sure that the clothes that you pick suit the situation that you are in. You wouldn't wear your business suit to the beach, so consider what you would wear instead!
Beach Fun

When you are headed to the beach, remember that you should always put your fun first. Going to the beach can be a physically intense experience, so build from there. Sometimes, all you really need is a swimsuit, your towel and a pair of sandals! However, if you are going to the beach to see and be seen, consider taking advantage of some old Hollywood glamour accessories. A large floppy hat, a big pair of sunglasses, and a silky cover up will keep you from roasting in the sun while giving you a lovely way to lounge by the waves. Instead of rubber flip-flops, choose gladiator sandals for a lovely effect.

Team Training
When you work for a company that is invested in good training, you'll find that training days fee different from normal days. You'll be taken away from your routine and there is a chance to see people in other departments. Because training may end up being a rather physical activity, opt for trousers instead of skirts. To make sure that you can get the full range of movement, take a moment to consider a pair of wide-legged palazzo pants. To make sure that you do not look too boxy, choose a tailored top to go with it. This is a fantastic outfit in basic black, and you'll discover that you can add a pop of color with a very thin, very narrow silk scarf. Choose low-heeled shoes that will not trip you up and thick-framed glasses frames for a studious look, and you'll be ready to take on any training exercise that they care to throw at you!


When you want to look your best no matter where you are going, look at your clothes as possible building blocks and create something lovely!


  1. I love this post because it has made me excited about my upcoming beach holiday!! Love the tortoise shell sunglasses -- exactly what I need.

    xoxo Alison

  2. nice sunglasses!

  3. Love your blog!! Hope you visit mine!!

  4. sounds so fun! i could seriously use the beach and some new sunglasses :)

    The DayLee Journal

  5. I completely agree, sunglasses are a must-have... And now I really want for the summer to come, fast!


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