Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Weekend Trip to San Francisco/ Fremont/ San Jose

This past weekend, I flew into San Francisco for my AMAZING friend's bridal shower and had the absolute best time ever! We had tea time in the morning at a small shop called "Tyme for Tea" and browsed around nearby antique stores. They had the cutest things in there from button flowers to antique tea sets. I would probably spend my whole day there if there was enough time!

After running around town for a while, it was already time for dinner at La Strada. It was an Italian restaurant, so we ordered a few appetizers to share, an entree each person, and a bottle of sparkling wine. And for dessert, Sprinkles Cupcakes! Yummmm....

After stuffing ourselves with wine, food, and dessert, we ended the night at a bar/lounge for some drinks and dancing. NOW, we have the bachelorette party to look forward to! Then comes the wedding!


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