Friday, July 13, 2012

Maximizing the Summer Wardrobe

Summer is a great time to break out of a fashion rut and explore some of the latest styles. One major piece can be transformed from casual wear to more dressy occasions. 

Grab a girlfriend and spend time trying on new items. The key to finding the right foundation item is trying on many different styles and cuts. What an article of clothing looks like on a hanger is rarely how it appears on the body. A proper fitting garment can be a joy to wear and bring out inner confidence, the strongest asset. When shopping, keep in mind the items that you already have at home that would compliment your new purchases well. This little tip will allow you to mix and match chic items for a variety of different looks!

No outfit is complete without the proper shoes, jewelry and handbag. By adding the right accessories, it’s easy to create multiple looks with one major piece.

A maxi dress is a perfect starting point for this season. As one my favorites, the choices are limitless when it comes to style and pattern. Going bold is easy this season with bright citrus colors or daring prints. Maxi dresses are also great in a neutral or muted tone. Adding a wedge sandal, metallic earrings and some bangle bracelets can make this an ideal go-to outfit for summer. The perfect handbag can be a casual, canvas tote with a bold print. A flat, strappy sandal can make it ideal for everyday wear. Don’t be afraid to be bold and strut your stuff for any event!

To expand for dressy occasions, consider an elegant touch, such as a pair of classic drop earrings with a breezy scarf. Instead of a scarf, think about pairing a long necklace and stud earrings. A simple clutch can be the ideal handbag for both looks. Don’t forget the fun in searching the variety of women’s shoes available this summer. A spiky heel can add the perfect touch and a strappy sandal can keep your day look relaxed.

The most important accessory is standing tall and wearing a smile, both beautiful and free. While feeling fashionable can boost an attitude, the power of fashion is not in the clothes-- it is in the way the clothes enhance who wears them. Most people have at least one feature about their body they would like to change. The best investment this season will be learning contentment in your own skin and knowing how to find clothes that accent your best features.

Summer is a wonderful time to feel good about what you wear. Maximizing the wardrobe begins before leaving the house. Make sure the journey starts on the right foot by being confident and bold. They are the best accessories money cannot buy. Be a confident chic fashionista and show summer what you’re made of.

By Anya Sarre of


  1. The shoes are amazing!


  2. UFF fun! But i'd roll over on these ehhe

    ~Art a la Rue
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  3. Coral is seriously the summer color that's first on my radar this season! Topped off with blinged out studs, those heels are killer! Great pick babe!

    Thank you for continuing to stop by with your lovely comments…hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. Those pink heels are dynamite! They don't look very comfortable, but beauty is pain lol.

    *** glamBLOUSE ***

  5. Love those heels!


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