Friday, June 8, 2012

Foodie Friday

Fusion Burger
This is a new joint in Highland Park that has a variety of burgers from Peruvian burgers, to vegetarian burgers, to ahi tuna burgers. I went with my sister and friend and got cheesy tots, sweet potato fries, and burgers. I tried the "noir burger", which had aioli and truffle cheese. It was actually really really good. The style reminded me of Umami burger, but a little more affordable. So if you're in the area, definitely try it out.

Phoenix Inn
This place is located in Chinatown but there are also other locations around LA. They have really good desserts and drinks. I got the Taro coconut tapioca milk and a few of us shared some dishes for lunch. Very affordable and yummy. 


  1. The last burger looks veerryyy interesting

  2. yum!!! i'm a HUGE fan of tots and putting cheese on them sounds like heaven! thanks for i'm totally drooling! ;)

    xx heidi
    life full of loves

  3. great!!!


  4. great!!!



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