Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day One in Denver

I went to Denver with my friends this weekend to visit a couple of our friends that live there and it was absolutely amazing! It was such a different place compared to LA and I loved it! The air was so fresh and everything was so calm and peaceful. Our weekend was activity filled and I barely got any rest because we had so many things we wanted to do and see. I'm going to break down my posts into three so that there is a post for each day we were there. Enjoy!

D Bar Desserts

Clam Chowder from The Sink in Boulder, Colorado

The Buddha Basil pizza from the Sink (SHOWN ON DINERS DRIVE INS AND DIVES)

Delicious Chai Tea!

Estes Park

The Stanley Hotel from The Shining

Real live ELK!

The Stanley Hotel

Faux leather jacket: Go Jane. Pink Cardigan: Forever21. White Blouse: Classic. Jeans: Macys. Boots: Target. Scarf. Target. Purse: Lulus.


  1. Awesome pics, all this food ans sweets is making me hungry:)))

  2. admittedly i don't know what those first desserts out but it's safe to say I WANT THEM.

  3. Amazing photos!

  4. Great pics!
    The food looks delicious!

  5. omg those desserts look SO good!

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  7. Great pictures!

  8. Georg pics! Keep it coming!

  9. Great pics, looks like an amazing trip! The food looks delicious.

    Nicole Marie

  10. I really like your food posts....
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    I am following you!


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