Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rainy days and more space!

How I hang my necklaces now. It's a cheap but organized way.

I put together this shelf myself to organize my shoes! I still have lots more shoes, but I think I need to buy more shelves.

My eeyores!!

Jacket: Gifted from Forever21. Scarf: Gifted from Aeropostale. Headband: Target. Jeans: Macys. Boots: Payless Shoes.

Recently, I've been going crazy being at home and applying for jobs, so I spent one day moving my dad's office out of my room. There used to be a huge desk and a bunch of dvds in there, but I moved it to the den for him. He had been wanting his office in the den, but he's always too tired to move it, so I thought it'd be nice to do the work for him. You would not believe how much dust or how many wires were behind that desk of his. I spent a good entire day figuring out how to move the computer and stuff without disconnecting the wires- just trying to avoid forgetting where each wire goes. I was successful in doing so and made sure his computer was in good working order in the back den.

But anyways, I went to target and bought two small shoe shelves, which you see above. I put them together (love the dark wood by the way) and stacked them on each other. I realized that I might need more shelves for my shoes so I'm intending on buying a couple more and stacking them a little higher. I have a lot of Eeyores because he's my favorite and I never even really bought one- they're all bought for me as gifts. I could say I have about 10 of him in my room, but those are the few small ones I could fit on the shelf.

The last few pictures are just of me in my rainy day outfit ready to go out to venture in the cold. I woke up that morning expecting warmth and sunshine, but it was actually raining.

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