Monday, January 31, 2011

Screen Actors Guild Awards Top 3!!

Once again, I have to put up my top 3 looks for an awards show! I was not as excited about the looks from the SAG Awards as I was from the Golden Globes. I felt like there were more bad looks compared to good ones, but I was able to pick my favorite three. Here they are:

3. Tina Fey

Tina Fey was my third favorite because it just fit her so well and she looked so elegant. She has had some instances as worst dressed for past award shows, but this is an improvement for her. The lacy red fabric is so beautiful in my opinion and the accessories were absolutely perfect for her. The floral part on her bust was beautiful and sometimes people have like feathers or flowers, but are too over the top. I felt like it was subtle and great for this event.

2. Lea Michele

Lea Michele is my second favorite look of the night. She always looks so glamorous and effortless at red carpet events. Although I have to say, she's gotten really thin or maybe it's just me. I just feel that she would look better with a little more meat on her. But anyways, back to her outfit. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and sparkly is always good (in most cases). I like the cross-over/ wrap top and the slight train. The belt ties everything in together and accentuates her tiny waist. I'm glad she didn't go over the top with the accessories- the Tiffanys bracelet was perfect. I thought she looked great.

1. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was my absolute favorite of the night. I knew she would be the moment I saw her on the red carpet on TV. Her dress was from Alexandar McQueen and it was GORGEOUS! I love the heart-shaped top and how flowy it was at the bottom. The print was not too crazy or bold. It felt like a beautiful water color to me. She paired the dress with a belt and I think it was a good choice because when people wear stuff like this without a belt, it's much more flowy and not as figure flattering. Plus, she's very petite and if it was even more flowy, it would just cover her up. Her hair and makeup really went well with the dress and I felt it helped her overall look. I like it, even though Fashion Police thought it looked like a bloody tampon. haha!  

Pictures came from OMG Yahoo!

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  1. Mila was my number one look toooo! She's such a babe. I love Lea's dress also, i don't think I fully appreciated it till now.
    love your blog!


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