Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rachel McAdams

I was watching TV and stumbled upon "Mean Girls" on ABC Family. I was not a big fan when I first watched it when it came out in theaters, but it kind of grew on me. It was the first time I saw Rachel McAdams but she did not stand out to me until "The Notebook" of course.

But her character, Regina George, was the best in the movie. She was so noticeably evil and you just want to hate her, but you don't. I thought she was so pretty, but I much prefer her with brown hair. Every hair color seems to fit her, but I'm partial to brown hair. haha! The blond hair she had in "Mean Girls" looked really nice on her too and really fit the character- the perfectly evil popular girl with the long blond hair.

But I think she got even more famous from "The Notebook". She was so beautiful in that movie and I don't even remember how many time I've watched it. Everyone loves "The Notebook". haha! Anyways, I really liked the vintage style they gave her to fit into the time setting- the 1930s. She had the cutest hair and her clothes were the best. Her dresses were absolutely gorgeous.

And she always looks glamorous on the red carpet as well, just as herself and not a character she's playing. She's very chic and sophisticated. Her looks are always very classic.

Pictures are found on Google from various websites that include: Examiner, bebo, elle.com, yahoo.com,ugo.


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