Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emma Stone: Red hair or Blond Hair?

I was watching "Zombieland" today and I just remembered that Emma Stone (the girl that plays Wichita) now has blond hair. She recently had to dye it to play a part in the new Spiderman movie. I really like her and loved her in "Easy A" and she's known for her iconic red hair. Her famous red hair is now gone and she's opted for a much lighter and blonder look. She's naturally blond, but I much prefer her with the darker and more vibrant hair. But after seeing her at the Golden Globes, the blond isn't so bad, but it just doesn't make her stand out as much.



  1. Very lovely))) Beautiful blog dear!!!)))

  2. I prefer Emma with her dark locks, but she looked absolutely beautiful with the Calvin Klein!

    Blonde is working for her, but I kind of want her to eventually go back lol




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