Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bored at home

I am still waiting on a call from the jobs I interviewed and applied for, so in the meantime, I'm just at home. I've been spending my time cleaning, watching tv, eating, and tweeking my blog. I cleaned up my room yesterday and moved my dad's desk to the den, where he wanted it to be, but never had time to move it. I now have a lot of space in my room and will be looking for pieces to fill up that space. I'm thinking a cabinet or maybe something to store my shoes. I even have enough space for a small couch if I wanted, but I really need pieces that will help me organize my things.

With all the space I have in my room now, I just laid on the floor and took random pictures. I know, I should try to be more productive. BUT I did spend the entire day cleaning yesterday, which only means that I should spend the entire day today being lazy!

Been growing my hair out and I wanted to spread it out to see how long it looks.

Just did my nails tooo!

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