Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Green Utility Jacket

I attended the Renaissance Faire over the weekend and had a blast! I haven't gone in a couple of years and was super excited to go again this year. I used to go there for field trips during middle school and always had so much fun so getting to go again now really brought back all of the fun childhood memories! The Renaissance Faire happens every year at this time and is open on the weekends. You can purchase tickets either online or at their ticket booth in person. They have tons of people attend and many people come dressed up in costume. I kind of wished I did because it seems like so much fun but I don't have the time to make a costume, so I went with my go-to casual attire!

I just recently purchased this green utility jacket at The Loft for 40% off, which is amazing! It's mainly made of linen so the material feels really good! 

Blouse: Foreign Exchange| Jacket: The Loft by Ann Taylor| Shorts: Charlotte Russe| Espadrilles: Target|

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