Friday, January 30, 2015

Foodie Friday: NY Edition (Part 3)

The Cannibal
This was one of the places we found on Yelp when we were planning our trip to NY. The thing that drew us in, or should I say my boyfriend, is the roasted half pig head. The moment he saw that on the menu, we added that on our eating list! We came here in a group and tried almost all of their menu actually. I love places where you can share a bunch of small plates, that way you can try a bit of everything! 
Although I don't drink, the people in my party seemed to really enjoy the drinks there! They had a very extensive menu of beers, so if you're a beer lover, this is the place for you. Meat and beer, it's like a man's heaven! After having all the small plates, we got the half pig head last to split among 6 of us. It was super filling and the meat was amazingly tender. It came with slices of bread and covered in cheese and sauerkraut. That was some meal!

The Lobster Place at Chelsea Market
We stopped by Chelsea Market to look around before our dinner reservations nearby one day and knew we had to come back sometime during our trip to try out one of their restaurants! There were so many little shops and eateries in Chelsea Market that I absolutely fell in love! Our eyes and stomachs were drawn to The Lobster Place which was both an eatery and seafood market! They had whole steamed lobsters, raw oysters and clams, sushi, and tons more! We decided to try their oysters and a whole steamed lobster. Everything was super fresh and delicious! With still a bit of room in our tummies, we decided to also try their shrimp roll! Great decision on our part! :)

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