Monday, March 24, 2014

Kendra's Fashion Challenge

I was so excited when I was invited by Kendra Thornton to participate  in her fashion challenge for her trip to Orlando. It's amazing to have her reach out and ask for fashion advice, so let's start!
Here is the challenge:

Every city has its own special style, and Orlando’s is awesome. The laid-back 
environment in this city is complemented by the family-friendly nature of 
most of the local attractions. There are lots of fun things to do here, and 
people of all ages will find something fun to enjoy. Whether I’m taking in
a show with the entire family, eating with the kids at a fun local restaurant 
or relaxing poolside at my hotel, I know I’ll enjoy my time the most when 
I’m wearing a cute outfit that I love. This is why I created “Kendra’s fashion 
challenge” !! I've contacted some of my favorite bloggers to get their fashion
input. I've been following Jennifer's fashion blog for a while and I really 
enjoy her fashion choices. I can’t wait to see what awesome fashions my 
favorite bloggers recommend for my adventures at Disney’s Epcot theme 
park! This unique area features lots of great restaurants, many that feature 
fun, family entertainment. As a 40-year-old mom, I’ve decided that I 
need some help in planning what to wear for this excursion. I want to be 
comfortable but still look trendy and young! My outfit could make or break 
my time here at Epcot! I need the confidence to ensure that i will look great 
while enjoying time with my family.


Day Outfit
These are my picks for a day outfit. Florida has a tropical feel to it, so I wanted to work with a fun print for the shorts and a soft simple white blouse that you could throw over a bathing suit if you need to jump into a pool after. A pair of cute sliver wedged sandals adds chicness to your outfit, while keeping you comfortable to walk around all day. With children, a large tote is a must to carry all the necessities! What's an outfit without accessories? The beaded wrap bracelet adds a natural tone to your outfit, keeping with the tropical theme. 

Kendra's Fashion Challenge: Day Outfit

Evening Outfit
Florida is very warm and humid during the summer, so a simple white dress with mesh details keeps you cool and trendy. Add a pop of color with red heels, while gold and blush accessories bring the rest of your outfit together! Perfect for a dinner or night out!

Kendra's Fashion Challenge: Night Outfit

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