Thursday, July 18, 2013

Foodie Friday

Blue Cow
Went here last Friday night just to try out a new place and it was quite an adventure trying to find it. My GPS led us to another street and we ended up driving in circles trying to find it. Eventually we found it and parked on the street right in the front! I liked the atmosphere and the different choices of food they had. My favorite was the Baked then Fried potatoes! MMm...delicious! We also ordered the poutine, some sandwiches, and a roasted vegetable salad. My favorites were the salad and the potatoes. I'm a very simple person and like eating appetizers. If you're ever exploring Downtown Los Angeles, this place is a great spot to try!

Decided to try this place out in Highland Park  because I've seen it so many times, but never made the time to go in. It's an Italian restaurant with a trendy feel to it. They have craftsman beer and various pizzas and pastas. We tried the charcuterie plate, which was really good and got the potato pizza. That's right, potato pizza. Super flavorful and fresh. AND I found out they do take-out too! Talk about gourmet pizza night, right?!


  1. That looks so scrummy! :)

  2. Girl you always post the most yummy pics of food on IG. So jealous you eat oh so delicious pretty much everyday.

    <3 Marina


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