Saturday, May 18, 2013

Late Foodie Friday Post!

Went to Knights in Burbank, CA to grab some dinner before watching "The Great Gatsby" on Monday night. I don't have a lot of Greek food other than maybe Zankou's Chicken, which might not really count. But anyways, we were walking around to find something to eat before the movie and found Knights. When you walk inside they have gold embroidered decor and I felt like I was walking into a Greek movie! The boyfriend and I looked through the menu and saw so many different choices, but eventually decided on the Knight's combo dinner, tzatziki, pita, a salad, and a beef gyro. Everything was in large portions and so flavorful! Absolutely delicious and felt so authentic! If you have a love for Greek food, I highly recommend coming here! AND they let you order for take out too!

Haven Gastropub
Last night, I went out with a group of friends for dinner in Pasadena at Haven. All I really wanted was fries and they definitely satisfied my craving with the ones they have! We sat around and just had a bunch of food, beers, and fries, which is like heaven for me! I also got the seasonal flatbread, which had mustard greens, mushrooms, cheese, and truffle oil. It was absolutely amazing!! The truffle wasn't too overwhelming, as it can be sometimes and the fries were WONDERFUL! I loved the herbs and spices on it and can't say enough! 

Haven is a great place to hang out for dinner or Happy Hour, so give it a try!

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