Friday, April 19, 2013

Foodie Friday

NBC Seafood Restaurant
The other day, I was craving dimsum and decided to go have it with my family on Sunday morning. If you don't know what dimsum is, it's kind of the Chinese version of brunch. It's full of little dumplings and steamed appetizers and tea, so the experience consists of sitting at a table and there are a bunch of ladies pushing around carts full of food. Each cart contains different foods so they'll just lift up the lids to the pans for you  to see. You just choose what foods you want and they put it on the table for you in little pans and they stamp your sheet so that once you're done eating, they tally up your stamps and charge you the correct amount. 

The dumplings are so yummy! So if you haven't tried it, I definitely recommend it!

Young Dong Tofu
I love going to tofu houses when the weather is slightly colder. I went here one night during the week for some delicious tofu soup! They give you a hot clay pot of tofu and a bunch of random sides, like kimchee and bean sprouts, and to top it off, they give you a clay pot of hot steamy white rice and some of the rice on the bottom is crispy from the clay pot! So yummy to eat with the tofu! They have tofu soups of many varieties that include mushroom (vegetarian), beef, seafood, dumpling, and many more! 

Rounds Premium Burgers
Went here to watch a Lakers game with the boyfriend the other night! In all honesty, I came here for the burgers and fries. Lakers game, not so much. I'd rather watch it at home...
Anyways, they have customizable burgers, which I always have fun with! I got a beef burger with avocado mash, breaded jalapenos, lettuce, grilled onions, monterey jack cheese, and garlic aioli. It was pretty good. Really fresh and the buns are yummy! I also got a side of garlic fries, which were delicious! If you like creating your own burger, then definitely give this a try! 

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