Sunday, April 28, 2013

First Video!!

Happy Sunday, everyone! So, you guys know I've had a couple of makeup posts recently with looks that I've recreated or have inspired me, so I felt that having posts were kinda hard to show how I created those looks. Therefore, I decided to start making videos here and there and it's also a way for me to connect with you guys a lot more! I don't wanna just make you look at pictures of me all day, so making videos would kinda let me talk to you a bit and let you get to know me better. 

It took forever for me to make this video because I was figuring out how to use my camcorder and make sure the picture quality was okay and edit and everything else! It may not look as great as I'd like, but it's a learning process! 

So here is my current everyday makeup routine. Something I wear on a daily basis to work or go out during the day. I hope you guys like it and I look forward to making more videos later!

Here's the link to my video:

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