Friday, March 8, 2013

Foodie Friday

Patty Wagon Food Truck
Went to eat dinner at some food trucks on Tuesday night and unfortunately, I didn't carry any cash on me, which limited me to only a few trucks. I stumbled upon the Patty Wagon truck which has sliders and fries. Their beef is grass fed and I loved one of the signs on their truck that says something like "Our beef is vegan, so you don't have to be". Super funny! 
Anyways, I ordered a couple of the sliders and their fries. The man in the truck was very funny and personable. He gave my sister and friend a hard time because they bought food from another truck and wanted to get drinks from his. In the end, it was really nice of him to give them the sodas for free because there was some discrepancy in how they didn't have cash either and they needed a $10 minimum order to use card. Anyways, onto the food. The fries were so different but yummy! They were between curly fries and regular skinny fries! The sliders were really fresh and yummy. I loved the ciabatta bread they used as buns!

Sushi GP
The boyfriend and I went to have sushi for lunch yesterday at a new All-you-can-eat spot in Glendale. It's a really small joint but we've been wanting to try it! They have three different options with their AYCE, which start at $17. We chose the "LOVE IT" option which featured a lot more rolls and it was $23 per person. I figured I would probably eat at least 3 whole rolls and an appetizer and maybe some small sushi pieces, so that would make the $23 worth it. We definitely had a lot to eat. I was super stuffed at the end but the quality was pretty good. I liked their specialty rolls a lot. They were different than other rolls I've had at other places, but really really yummy. Even with the AYCE option, the portions are normal sized, meaning BIG. So if you're a big eater and a foodie like me, give this place a try!

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