Monday, February 25, 2013

Favorite Oscar Dresses!

My friends and I were so into the Oscars this year and had our favorite movie picks to root for, so we were definitely cheering our heads off as if it was the Superbowl or something! Anyways, I was eyeing the audience and presenters to see who I was going to put in my Top Looks post, while my friends were paying attention to what was actually happening in the show. So many dresses, so little time!

Other than the fashion, I was pretty entertained with Seth McFarlene's hosting and the performances were outstanding! I am a HUGE Adele fan and the Les Miserables cast's was also spectacular! There was so much talent in that auditorium and I was just amazed the whole time.

But on with the post, I'm just going to cut right to the chase and put up my favorite looks of the night! The sparkles, the sleekness, the glamour, everything just makes me wanna drool (IN A GOOD WAY!)

These are in no particular order. You guys know that when there's no order to these, it's because I couldn't make up my mind. :)

Jessica Chastain

Charlize Theron

Jennifer Lawrence

Naomi Watts

Amy Adams


  1. nice dresses but i wanna see some colour! :P xx

    1. I know, I usually throw in something with a bright color, but this time, it was all about the nudes and sparkles! :)

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  3. Amazing dresses.... each of these looks are so beautiful... Do you wanna follow to each other?

  4. Great Oscar picks! JL and Charlize were two of my favorites along with Jennifer Aniston!


  5. Gorgeous dresses!! Love the 4rd one!!

  6. great selects! i loved halle, jessica and naomi!
    i'm now following your blog on gfc - hope you follow back too xx


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