Friday, January 25, 2013

Foodie Friday

Scoops Ice Cream 
Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA

I went to try out this new ice cream shop in Highland Park with my best friend and it was much more amazing than I was expecting! I mean, I heard it was good from my cousin and reviews on Yelp, but this was so much more after tasting it! They change their flavors everyday and the ice cream is made fresh with unique ingredients. Unique doesn't mean weird this time, it means WONDERFUL...I had the olive oil rosemary and the pistachio fig. Both were so delicious and complemented each other very well. If it's your first time, go in and tell them and they would be happy to provide samples for you! But don't abuse that privilege! It's a great little shop with such personality in their craft. 

Haven Gastropub
Pasadena, CA

My friends bought the Travelzoo deal where you get a 4 course meal and flights of beer for 4 people, so we went last night for dinner. The four things I had are down below and I felt that I enjoyed the food so much more this time than the last! Don't get me wrong, last time was amazing, but this time, I was able to try out some new dishes and I've fallen in love with it even more! The only thing that I got that was the same as the last time was the pork jam, which is a pork spread that you put on fresh warm bread with mustard seeds. So gooooood! I also got the kale salad, salmon, and cookies and doughnuts for dessert. Yummmm....You guys have got to go try it! Here's the link to the deal: TRAVELZOO

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  1. That looks delicious! Travelzoo is so good for deals like this :)

    xoxo Alison

  2. The food looks so amazing!


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