Friday, June 29, 2012

Foodie Friday

If you're looking for a Thai place to try out, here's something in Pasadena, CA worth giving a try. I went here with my family last week and we ordered several dishes, but I was only able to control myself to take pictures for two dishes. We got the papaya salad and the coconut shrimp (seen below) for our appetizers, but the entrees were definitely delicious! We got a whole fried catfish with sweet and sour sauce, deep fried dungeness crab, tom yum soup, pad thai, the Thai version of kung pao, and pineapple fried rice. It was pretty affordable and decent Thai food. 

We had planned on getting sushi in Little Tokyo, but the wait was super long, so we wandered around to find something else to eat. We had noticed this restaurant before because they had pictures of this huge rice bowl filled with sashimi as a challenge. I think it's $50 for the bowl, but if you can finish it within 15 minutes, it's FREE! Unfortunately, we weren't going to participate in such a challenge, but we did like the rice bowls they displayed so we thought we'd give it a try. The boyfriend and I got the huge sampler special to get a bit of everything. It came with miso soup, salad, drinks, takoyaki, calamari, egg curd, edamame, and a large rice bowl with all different kinds of fish and sashimi. I thought the deal was pretty darn good, because for all of that, we paid only $40 together (so $20 per person). If you really like rice bowls and fish, definitely come here!


  1. yum!!

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  2. That last photo looks DELICIOUS. I just ate lunch but now after seeing that, am hungry again!

    Your photo's are cute!

  3. I love thai food and sushi! Unfortunately, I cant eat the raw one :(

  4. looks so yummy!

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