Friday, May 4, 2012

Foodie Friday

The Water Grill
The boyfriend and I were celebrating our 100 MONTHS- yes we managed to calculate that- and we decided to go out for a nice dinner. He had been in a seafood craze for the past half a year so I thought that I should try to give him his fix and possibly quench his craving. After Yelping for a few minutes, stumbled upon the Water Grill in Downtown LA and saw their huge selection of seafood. The reviews were great and their menu looked amazing. So I thought "why not?!"

We ordered the raw shellfish platter for 2 and it came with shrimp, lobster, mussels, a couple different kinds of oysters, and scallops. It was so fresh and amazingly delicious. They also brought us a small plate with various dipping sauces for the platter, which was something I was really fond of. After that entire platter, we had the cioppino, which is a seafood broth. It was very flavorful and the best part was that underneath all of the seafood, there was a large piece of bread soaking up the broth....yummm...
Of course, we couldn't end our meal without trying their desserts, so we got the white mint fudge parfait and it was the perfect end to our meal. It was light yet satisfying. The chocolate garnishes were crunchy and gave you that extra needed texture. 

California Pizza Kitchen
Went to have a little lunch with my sister and since she is on a diet, we tried to keep it super healthy. There were new items on the menu since I've been there last and we tried one of the new dishes. The tricolore salad pizza was like a caramelized flat bread with fresh mixed greens, tomatoes, and freshly grated parmasean cheese. It was so light and fresh, which was perfect because I wasn't too hungry (I know, SHOCKING!) We also had the original bbq chopped salad with the pizza. I don't know how healthy that is but, I love that salad.  


  1. 100 MONTHS!? Congrats!! That's so awesome and such a fun idea to calculate and celebrate that. You look adorable, as always and that food.... amazing!

    Hope y'all had a fantastic time celebrating and enjoy your weekend! :)

    It's an Easy Life

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  3. cute!!!

  4. mmmm .. all that food looks yummy~

    100 months?? Congrats on that, but he hasn't put a ring on that finger yet?? LoL ..


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