Friday, March 30, 2012

Foodie Friday

Four Cafe
Four Cafe is a small cafe located in Eagle Rock, California that serves fresh organic dishes. I went with my sister the other day and I got their rosemary lemonade, portabello panini, and their hazelnut chocolate flourless cake. Everything was amazingly fresh and delicious! Their menu changes every season, which gives you something different all the time. Definitely a must try for those that want healthy organic and delicious food!

Spring Street Smokehouse
Who would have thought there would be a BBQ place at the edge of Chinatown?! Well, you're in luck because there's Spring Street Smokehouse in Chinatown, Los Angeles...on Spring Street....
I went just yesterday with a few people and we ordered their freshly made pork rinds, the Kitchen Sink (for 4 people), and 1/2 lb of burnt ends. The Kitchen sink pretty much gives you a taste of several things like beef ribs, baby back ribs, chicken, pulled pork, hot sausages, and a side of your choice- we chose sweet potato fries. The smokehouse also has a large variety of beers if you're a beer enthusiast and the owner can help you choose one through his own expertise. So whenever I'm craving bbq, I would so go there for lunch!


  1. Looks delicious!!!


  2. Lovely food photos, more of these! :)

    E from Helsinki


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