Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last Day in Denver

On our last day in Denver, we went to have brunch at a Creole brunch cafe called Lucille's in Boulder. It was AMAZING. They made all their sauces and jams and everything was so fresh. I had the "Eggs Jennifer", which everyone laughed at when I ordered because it's my name! Anyways, we had beignets and delicious buttermilk biscuits before our dishes. They were so good that I can't even explain. It is a must to go there if you're in town. 

We also went to this scenic spot where you saw all the mountains clearly, so we took several pictures there. After sight seeing and have some yummy food, we went back to our friend's place, played games, and headed to the airport to go back to LA. Did you know that you can't bring a large hairspray bottle onto an airplane?! They told me I had to either confiscate my hairspray or let them put it under the plane, so I just told them to throw it away. I could always buy another bottle. 

That was the end of my trip and the last of my Denver posts. Back to normal posts soon!


  1. Wonderful pics!
    The food looks delicious and the drink too.


  2. Wow looks yummy, I like your wing eyeliner

  3. Love all these pictures, the food makes me so hungry! Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Veena


  4. gr8 pictures!!! and that food looks amazing!!!


  5. beautiful pics, looks like you had a good time


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