Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VMA's Top 3

Who watched the VMA's this weekend?! I was looking forward to Adele's performance so I watched it with my parents Sunday night. But you know I'm always looking at the crazy outfits people are wearing there. Although the crazy ones never really end up on my top 3 list....I think it's because I have very simple and classic taste. Well, here you go!

3. Victoria Justice

You know I could never resist sparkly dresses. I love her small little metallic clutch and her shoes are sooooo cute!

2. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is always dressed in very classic and sophisticated outfits, so this outfit is very different for her. I'm usually not a big fan of "mullet dresses" where its short in the front and then long in the back, but I really like this on her. She looks beautiful.

1. Beyonce

And who looks more beautiful than a new mom? I  thought it was so cute that she announced her pregnancy at the VMA's and rubbed her belly after her performance. She just looks amazing and soooo happy. She wears mumus really well.


  1. I loved Selena's dress and makeup!! she looked fab- and beyonce too!!!
    Adele was a treat really!!

  2. I love that top dress!

    x. jill

  3. I thought Beyonce looked amazing!



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