Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

My beach outfit

Dress: Forever21. Flip Flops: Victoria's Secret. Bracelet: Forever21.

New York steak at Elephant Bar

Grilled vegetables!

My daddy

Hot links, green onions, and Korean BBQ ribs

Korean BBQ ribs

Red velvet cake

Strawberry Cake

Father's Day weekend was pretty busy for me. I went to the beach on Saturday to hang out with my friends for a bit and then rushed back home for a dinner at Elephant Bar with my family for Father's Day. The food there was really good! It was actually my first time there, so I was pretty excited to try it out.

On Father's Day itself (Sunday), we went to a bbq at my aunt's house. There was so much food that I was overwhelmed by the choices AND my uncle is such a great bbq-er! Makes it so much better! I hope my daddy had fun with his food-filled weekend.

My daddy works so hard to support our family and is always in such a good mood even though I know he's exhausted. He's been working 7 days a week for about 20 years at his job to make sure that he makes enough money to provide for us. He takes time off here and there, but still, 7 days a week is A LOT. My primary goal is to make sure I become successful in whatever it is I end up doing to give back to him and support him in return. He is definitely my inspiration for everything- it is rare to find someone so giving, calm, and easy going. He deserves everything in the world. LOVE YOU DADDY!


  1. Father's day just always makes me cry (it is weird not so much with mother's day) I think it's because I've been closer to my dad than to my mom. Anyway all the food look so delicious, especially the links and the Korean bbq :-)
    Your dress is such a perfection to go to the beach!! and loving the match-y flip-flop too

  2. that food looks amazing! Love your nailpolish too!

  3. Cute top, that food looks amazing!
    Cute blog:D


    check out my blog to!!

  4. Wow, that food looks delicious!! Sounds like you had a fantastic fathers day :)



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